Q: Can you email the report directly to my insurance company or bank?                  

                                 A: Yes. We can email your report to anyone you request.


                             Q: Why is there a disparity in the cost for valuations on high end vehicles?

                                 A: High end vehicles require considerable more research for the accessories common on these vehicles.

                                 MSC  McKay's  duty  to  our  client  is to ensure that your asset (vehicle) is accurately evaluated in the

                                 event  an  accident  or  "write off" occurs. Part of this research involves decoding your vehicles chassis

                                 number  to  verify  specifications  and  request  up-to-date  replacement  cost  quotations from the local

                                 dealer.  In  some  instances,  this  comes  with  a  cost. We consider it our responsibility to empower you

                                 in your decision making for your insurance coverage.


                             Q: If i am having difficulty accessing you on-line, can i call to make an appointment?

                                 A: Yes. You can call our Concierge straight line number, 978-3010 between 8:30 and 4:30 pm Mondays 

                                 to Fridays to make an appointment for inspection. You can also email us at concierge@mscmckay.com.


                               Q: Why does it cost more to do a valuation on a left hand drive vehicle?

                                   A: While  we  do  research  on  every  vehicle,  considerable  more  research  is required to arrive at a

                                   value  on  a  left  hand  drive  vehicle.  This  includes  researching  the currect replacement cost out of

                                   North  America  and  calculating  the  full  importation  cost  to  Jamaica,  inclusive  of shipping, duty

                                   charges,  port  and  custom  fees.   We  also  have  to  research  the  accident  history  of  the  left hand

                                   vehicle being imported to Jamaica.


                               Q: Can i send payment to your office by bearer?

                                   A: Yes.  You may send it to our office at MSC McKay (Ja) Ltd., 27 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston 5

                                   This  payment  must  include  your  name  and  telephone  number. Our Concierge Customer Service

                                   Representative   will   record   the   payment,   confirm   your   booking   and  you  will  be  emailed  a

                                   confirmation notice.


                             Q: What if my vehicle is not in driving condition? Can i still book to have a valuation done?

                                A: Yes.  We  refer  to  this  type  of  valuation  as  "as-is/where-is".  We  ask  that  you  call  our

                                Concierge    straight    line    number,    978-3010    or    email    the    information    to    us    at

                                concierge@mscmckay.com   to   make   special   arrangements   for   this   type   of   inspection.


                             Q: Why do valuation reports for high end vehicles take longer to be completed?

                               A: Vehicles  that  fall  into  the  "high-end"  category require specific replacement cost from the

                               local franchise dealer.  This  is  to  ensure  that the replacement cost being used is specific to the

                               trim  level  of  the  vehicle  in  question.  We  do  experience  delay  in  some  instances  where the

                               dealer  providing  this  information  has  to  take  time  to research the exact specifications of the

                               vehicle and calculate the replacement cost.


                           Q: What if i miss my appointment?
                               A: You may reschedule. Our cancelation policy is explained during your booking process.


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