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                                 Concierge  Valuation  Service  is  offered  in  the  corporate  areas  of  Kingston  2,    Kingston  4  through  10,

                                 Kingston 19 & 20,  (Including  Queensberry),  Beverly  Hills,  Jacks  Hill,  Riva Ridge, Norbrook Hill & Cherry


                                 Call   our   Concierge   Desk   at   978 3010   or   email   concierge@mscmckay.com   to   arrange  a  visit

                                 outside these areas.


                             How It Works

                                 Book & Pay. Our   Concierge   staff   will   arrive   at   your   specified  location  prepared to carry out the inspection

                                 process. Once   your   inspection   is   completed,    your     report    may    be    retrieved   online   at   our  webpage   @

                                 www.mscmckay.com  by simply clicking  Retrieve  Report.


                               Payment Options

                                   Please select your choice of payments option at the end of your booking process.

                                   a) Bank transfer (Our Banking details are available at the end of your booking process. Please call or email us the

                                        transaction amount, including your name and telephone number. Your appointment will be confirmed on payment


                                   b) Online Credit card or Debit card (with credit features/logo).


                                Report Timeframe: 

                                    Shown by    symbol in the vehicle selection of your booking process.


                                Concierge Desk:

                                     Available 8:30AM  - 4:30PM


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Cancellations are 5% of the service fee, reschedule your appointment 24hours in advance to avoid penalty.